Trois façons de regarder le soleil

The piano is not the favorite instrument of Daniel, with its fixed temperament and lack of “toucher” expression. So when Alessandra Garossi asked Daniel to write a sonata, he concentrated on emotive and expressive aspects. The harmonic structure reflects Daniel’s research in optimality, typical of the Karo world.

Alessandra Garosi is originally fromTuscany, where she has met the musicians of Harmonia Ensemble and became a member of h Materiali Sonori label. There she met Daniel Schell who started writing for both Harmonia, and Alessandra Garosi soloist. Daniel appreciates the palette of interpretation offered by Alessandra, extreme sensibility, associated to a broad range of dynamics.

The sonata-s

‘Trois façons de regarder le Soleil’ (Three Ways of Looking at the Sun), written in …., is based on a special family of connected harmonies. The three parts are in ascending order of tempi, and the last one uses rapid repetition phasing between both hands. The harmonies, although using special partitioning and parcimonious techniques, are essentially based on their impressionist effect.