Brussels Art Quintet

Vas-Y-Voir (Schell, 1968)

Four Paul S (Schell, 1968)

Musicians : Babs Robert (tenor-sax), Daniel Schell-Schellekens (guitar)- Jean-Pierre Destree-(Destrée) (Vibes), Martial van Hile (double-bass), Robert Pernet (Drums).

Three members of the BAQ, From L to R : Daniel Schell, Jean-Pierre Destree, Martial van Hille (Photo Patricia Matthieu)

Recorded September 25, 1968, Studio DES Brussels, by Jacques Ysaye


Cover photo: Serge Vandercam – Rear: Poem ‘Clitarabelle’ by Marcel et Gabriel Piqueray

Daniel organised and produced this session while studying at ULB (Brussels University) with his regular musicians Jean-Pierre Destrée and Martial van Hille, All three  members of the group Classroom. Daniel decided to ask two jazz stars to complete the session: Babs Robert and Robert Pernet, both amongst the most prominent jazz musicians of the time

Daniel met Serge Vandercam and the Piqueray brothers at the café ‘Le Macon’ where the Fantomas group had a regular weekly meeting. Serge decided to help, he made the layout of the sleeve and used his well known photo ‘Le Trou’ . Since then, this record was regularly included in Vandercam and CoBrA museum exhibitions.


Left: Serge Vandercam (Photo Oscar Schellekens) Right: The Piqueray brothers in 1968 (Photo Fantomas, N0 89, 1969)


The score of ‘Vas-Y-Voir‘ composed by Daniel Schell

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A paper on Babs Robert and Robert Pernet written by Marc Danval