Mhakure, the cobra

Original text in Shona by Chirikure Chirikure (Zimbabwe), roughly translated by himself. (All rights reserved)
Music for choir by Daniel Schell created in 2001 by  Le Choeur de Namur directed by D. Meunier.

Sverere, sverere
Kufamba inogonti
Haina mutsindio
Kaana chipeperke
Wangozo chechuka
Haioni nemazi
Yati pauri vuh

The cobra
Softly by your side
And suddenly
It appears, by your side
Who is mightier, in this case
The one with heavy foot steps
Or the one who slithers softly

Traduction approximative par Daniel Schell
Le Cobra
Doucement à vos côtés
Et soudain
Il apparaît… à vos côtés
Qui est plus puissant alors?
Celui qui marche à pas lourds
Ou celui qui glisse sans bruit?