COS Viva Boma

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New release in Japan, by SHM-CD records



01. Perhaps next record (1:25)
02. Viva Boma (2:35)
03. Nog verder (4:32)
04. Boehme (3:17)
05. Flamboya (7:33)
06. In Lulu (4:08)
07. L’idiot Léon (10:48)
08. Ixelles (5:02)
09. Mon rebis (previously unreleased) (6:03)
10. Reine de la vallée (previously unreleased) (4:17)
11. Nog verder (demo version) (7:22)
12. Fanfan la Tulipe (vocal improvisation) (2:38)


Pascale Son: Vocals, Oboe
Alain Goutier: Bass
Daniel Schell: Acoustic and electric guitars, alto and bass flutes, devices
Guy Lonneux: drums
Marc Hollander: keyboards, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, devices

Bob Dartsch: drums, percussion
Denis Van Hecke: cello
Pipou, Jean-Louis Haesevoets: percussion
Marc Mouli: Mini-Moog
Roger Wollaert: drums
Willy Masy or Jackey Mauer: drums, vocal improvisation