‘Egmont’ is a composite work. A traditional pelerinage, similar to those which the musicians of the low-countries made during the Renaissance when they were visiting South-Europa. A study of the Indo-European and flamenco influences. A visit to the origin of the music of the Low-Countries, from the polyphonic music of Clemens Non Papa, his alchemic mazes, his pop motets, to the recyclage made by Antonio de Cabezon. Egmont is also a story of the guitar, from the ud to the tap-guitar.

The CD, already released by Freebird in 1980, is now finished and available with Four new compositions, which could not be terminated at that time, have been added.

The text by Daniel Schell over Egmont. In Nederlands: Egmont_Nl

The Content of the CD

Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn Egmont & the ff boom

1. Ud (Schell) 1:11

2. Piume al vento (Schell) 2:18

3. Nelle (Schell) 4:13

4. Sabina and first variation (Clemens non Papa, arr. Schell) 1:39

5. La ballade du Zwin (Schell) 1:58

6. Geuzenlied (Schell) 5:03

7. Un instant sous la hache (Schell) 3:56

8. Granvelle (Schell & Annegarn) 3:57

9. Sabina and second variation (Clemens non Papa, arr. Schell) 1:40

10. Cancion Francesa (Clemens non Papa, arr. Schell) 3:34

11. Tous les oiseaux (Schell & Annegarn) 2:38

12. Sana me die (Clemens non Papa, arr. Schell) 2:16

13. Menteur du pont (Schell) 4:04

14. Ein kleiner Mann (Schell) 5:10

15. Sabina (Clemens non Papa, arr. (Schell) 1:41

16. ff Boom (Schell) 9:53

The singers

Daniel Schell: guitar, tap-guitar (except.12) Dick Annegarn: vocal, guitar (3,6,8)

The voices of Pascale Son (3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14), Aldo de Vernati (13),Patrick Van den Eede (11), Dirk Bogart (4, 9) , Lucy Grauman (3, 6), Ilona Chale (3, 6).

The Musicians:

Jean-Louis Baudoin:contrebasse Felix Simtaine: batterie . Adelson de Frise, flute(7). Jean-Louis Rasinfosse: contrebasse (8), Michel Bergmans: hautbois (5), Pavel Haza cello (5) , Wolfgang Daiss. tap-guitar (12), Ariane de Bièvre: flute, Pierre Narcisse: perc (11).

This CD contains the original Freebird production by D.Buscail plus new pieces.

Studio 1976-78: Alain Pierre (1-9, 14-16) . 2000: Rudy Coclet (10 – 13).

Cover photos Daniel by O.Blanc- Dick by B.Muus. Cover illustration by Roger Wolf

The Photo album:

Dick Annegarn and Daniel Schell working

Daniel plays the Ud which was brought to him from Egypt.

Daniel plays the 11-str polyphonic guitar, made by the luthier Cormon-Azzato. Eight strings, the three first doubled. Scalopped neck in order to facilitate the tirando.

Daniel and Dick

In concert on the Grand-Place of Brussells, around 1985. The bass player is English and has played with ‘Henri Cow’ . Who knows her name receives a free CD . (offer expires March, 10, 2003). (Photo Jean Severin)

The ‘gueux’ (Photos Jean Séverin)