Opera / Music Theater


Ishango Oratorio

An oratorio with texts by African poets

Christian Dotremont

Daniel Schell’s new operas inspired by Christian Dotremont’s Logogrammes

The Amélie Nothomb Trilogy

Based on the novels by Amélie Nothomb © Albin Michel

Hygiène de l’assassin

Four journalists visit Prétextat Tach, 83 years old,

Nobel Prize of literature, and start to interview him…



Les Combustibles

We are in winter, during an unspecified war. In his apartment, a professor of literature at the University discusses with Daniel, his assistant. To feed the stove, they already used tables, chairs, … The last possible fuel is ….the books. Marina comes in…


© Clic Music

Le Sabotage Amoureux

A woman, Amélie, remembers her childhood. The story of two young girls in 1974 in Beijing…



Les contes de L’arbre Roi

Based on the texts and drawings of Jean-Claude Servais

Two young couples, driven each by the forces of the good or the evil, make a quest to the King Tree, located at the edge of the forest.


Alpe della luna

The action happens in a small village near the mountain. The inhabitants are ‘carbonero’, making their living with the production of wood coal.