Alessandra Garosi is originally fromTuscany, where she has met the musicians of Harmonia Ensemble and became a member of h Materiali Sonori label. There she met Daniel Schell who started writing for both Harmonia, and Alessandra Garosi soloist. Daniel appreciates the palette of interpretation offered by Alessandra, extreme sensibility, associated to a broad range of dynamics.

The second sonata written by Daniel Schell for Alessandra Garossi. Characteristic in this composition are : expressive melodies, dephased towards the accompaniment, runs in parallel seconds, and some harmonic techniques from Daniel’s idiom

‘L’Unes’ (a game of word on L’Une – The one, put on the plurial, and Lunes, the Moons), written in … uses even more techniques inherited from Indian music. In order to lessen the tempered character of the piano, Daniel uses a melody thickening technique which broadens the pitches. Many phrases are in parallel seconds and need special attention.




L’unes I

L’unes II

L’unes III

L’unes IV