Les Combustibles


Music from Daniel Schell . Libretto from Daniel Schell, based on the novel by Amélie Nothomb, C. Albin Michel 1994
December 11, 12 et 13  1997, XXe Théatre, Paris, during the Festival “Geste et Musique” director: Bruno Letort. Then in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lille, in March 1998. Command from the Ministère de la Communauté Française de Belgique. Creation in Brussels : Espace Senghor, September 25-26 1998.


Le professeur (50) : bass baryton Alain Blairon

Daniel (30) assistant of Le Professeur     baryton Thierry Vallier

Marina (20), student from last year      soprano     Marie-Paule Fayt

Musical direction and keyboards : (Piano, harmonium,  organ-synthetisiser) : Patrick Davin & Jean-Pierre Moemaers, in alternance.

Stage direction: Daniel Donies
Costumes: Christine Flaschoen
Light: Xavier Lauwers & Michel Delvigne
Make-up: Martine Lemaire
Production:L’L , Michèle Braconnier
Libretto & CD: live recording of  “Les Combustibles”  XXe Théatre,  Paris, Décember 1997.
The creation in Theatre du XXe Paris was made with the help of Bruno Letort, France-Musique

The action

A cold winter, of a civil war (Sarajevo?). The Professeur and his Assistant Daniel discuss about art. Marina, fiancée of Daniel,  enters. She freezes. They have nothing left to burn. They decide to burn the books. Which one will be the first. Which one the last?



Excerpt of ‘Les Combustibles , (15 min) Entrevues, Botanique, Brussels 1999

with : Therese Bouret (soprano) Alain Blairon (bass-barytone) , Thierry Vallier (barytone) . Piano: Jean-Pierre Moemaers

Libretto-Video  The libretto in video